Dog Walking

Dog Day LA offers 30-minute walks (longer walks are available upon request) to dogs of all shapes and sizes in downtown LA.

Unlike other pet sitting/dog walking services in the area, we believe that individual attention is ideal for your pet. This is why you will never see us walking dogs in large packs – your dog is important and deserves our full attention. We have significant experience handling large and/or strong dogs and ones with leash aggression.

85% of our dogs are walked individually, while the rest prefer the company of another Dog Day LA doggie pal. Dogs are matched up only after we assess his/her personality, energy level and walking speed.

Unless specially requested, we do not take dogs to the local dog parks or allow our dogs to be off-leash.

Additionally, Dog Day LA is committed to the environment and uses only biodegradable Mutt Mitts for poop removal.

All visits end with our writing a note about the visit and specifically mentioning important items, such as elimination update, general mood and any items of concern.

15-minutes: $11; $3 each additional dog
$13; $3 each additional dog
30-minutes: $15*; $5 each additional dog

Weekend/Holiday Rates

Additional $5 per walk

*Clients who require walks five times or more per week receive a discounted price of $14/visit.